Orbital Studios Inc.
22 Wilson Street, Third Floor Hamilton, ON L8R 1C5
Phone: 905-977-8407

Hello, Hamilton!

Orbital is a new digital agency in Hamilton that specializes in developing robust HTML5-powered websites, web apps & native mobile apps. And we're so happy to join the growing tech sector in Hamilton!

Orbital is founded on the idea that education and communication make for a great experience when designing and developing our client's products. We take the time to help you understand the technology, but we also sit down with you and help you understand how your website or mobile app works.

Our mantra: "How can we expect our clients to understand the technology that drives their product if we don't create a foundation for them to learn?"

During the development of your digital product, we'll explain why we chose one technology over another while explaining fundamental concepts of user experience, design & engagement that we've practiced and developed over the years. 

Nick Tomkin

Nick Tomkin

Partner, Designer/Developer

With over 15 years of experience in the technology industry, Nick has successfully managed, designed and developed numerous applications for a long list of high-profile organizations including Rogers, Microsoft, Pepsi Co., Disney Co., McDonalds Canada.

In combination with his deep understanding of the technical side of design and development, Nick is often credited for his natural ability to see through the eyes of the user. His unique blend of valuable skill sets not only separates him from other designer or developers, but also allows him to intuitively and consistently create engaging and memorable user experiences.

You can find Nick's collection of Instagram'ed cats on Twitter, @ntomkin. It said cats. Why are you still reading this bit?